Data conversion, tape conversion, duplication services


A sample of backup packages/utils and software we have expertise in.

Adaptec EzScsi Backup (Windows, DOS)
Arcadia Backup (Windows)
Arcserve (Windows, Novell, Unix)
Arcsolo (Windows, DOS)
Backup Exec (Windows, Novell, DOS)
Backpack (DOS, Windows)
Borsu (DOS)
CPIO (unix util)
ClarisWorks (MAC)
Colorado Backup (Windows, Dos)
Colorado II Backup (Windows)
Christie (DOS, Windows)
Dataease (DOS, Windows)
Dbase (Dos, Windows)
Filemaker (MAC, Windows)
Foxpro (Windows)
MacWrite (MAC)
MS Access (Windows)
Novastor (Windows)
NTBackup (Windows)
Oracle Dump format
Jumbo Tape (DOS, Windows)
Iomega Tools (Windows)
Pagemaker (Windows, MAC)
Palindrome (Windows, Novell)
QualityTape (Dos)
QuarkXpress (MAC, Windows)
Retrospect Express and Desktop (MAC, Windows)
Sytos (DOS, Windows)
Sytos Plus (DOS, Windows)
TAR (Unix)
Digital VAX VMS Backup (VMS)
Word (DOS, Windows)
Wordperfect (DOS, Windows, Unix)
Windows Backup 95 98 (Windows)
Yosomite (Windows)

And many more .......

These are just a few of the formats we can handle - please call or email us with the name of the package and/or backup device you wish to convert. Do not worry If you no longer know the name of the software backup package or data format, as we can generally analyse the media and restore and convert it correctly.

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