Data conversion, tape conversion, duplication services


Supported Formats

Tape, Cartridge and other backup Formats

LTO1, LTO2, LTO3, LTO4, ULTRIUM LTO 230 and 215 (LT0) we also await LTO5

DLT 2000, DLT 4000, DLT 7000, DLT 8000, DLT1 and VS80,  SuperDLT,  SDLT, DLT using Compac III (XT), or IV media.

IBM 3480 / 3490 / 3490E compressed or non compressed IDRC - 18-track and 36-track - also all AS/400 formats
IBM 3590 128-track Magstar - IBM 3570 MP

9-track 800, 1600, 3200, and 6250 BPI known as " Mag tape or open reel magnetic
ICL, IBM, VAX and other mainframes

TK50, TK70, TK85, 86, 87,88 - generally used on DEC VAX systems later TK drives are now known as DLTs.

Exabyte 8mm 8200, 8500, 8505, 8505xl, Eliant,  Mammoth, Mammoth-2 and IBM AME drives


Sony AIT, AIT2, AIT3, 8mm

QIC-24, QIC120, QIC150, upto QIC1GIG, SLR (MLR) , SLR3, SLR4, SLR5, SLR7, SLR24, SLR32, SLR50, SLR60, SLR100

IRWIN RHOMAT, JUMBO QIC 40, QIC 80, Travan QICExtra, TR1, TR2, TR3, TR4, TR5, Ditto, Ximat, DittoMax,

Erix VXA 35 - 70 Gig Formats

Onstream ADR 30 and 50 gig formats, ADR2 60 gig formats

Optical MO WORM and Removable Disk devices

3.5" 128MB, 230MB, 640MB,CD-ROM, CD, CD-R
5.25" 650MB, 1.3 GIG, 2.6GIG, 5.2GIG, ISO and sector size changes, also Phase change devices
Iomega Zip 100, 250 and 750, Jaz 1gig and 2 gig.
Syquest 5" 44MB, 88MB, 200MB, 3" 135MB 270MB, Sparc 1gig, Syjet 1.5 GIG
LS120 Superdisk, Bernoulli, Maxit 740, Nomai

CD & DVD Disks

CD-R, UDF, PACKET, ISO Format3.5" 128MB, 230MB, 640MB,CD-ROM, CD, CD-R
DVD-RAM 2.6GB, 4.7GB, 5.2GB and 9.4GB
PD 650MB Iomega Zip 100 and 250
DVD-ROM, DVD-R, S201, GENERAL, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD -RW and Authoring formats.

Diskette Formats

AMSTRAD 3" and 3.5" diskette FORMATS
PC 5.25" 360k and 1.2 MB disc formats
PC 3.5" 720k, 1.44MB, 2.88 MB Extra disk
Range of 5.25" and 8" formats from dedicated WP machines. 
Range of CP/M based formats on 5.25" and 8" disks.

Solid State

Compact Flash, SD
Memory Stick
USB Flash drive - stick 64mb, 128mb, 256mb, 512mb 1Gb, with duplication

Backup Package / Utils and Manufacturers

A sample of backup packages/utils and software we have expertise in.

Adaptec EzScsi Backup (Windows, DOS)
Arcadia Backup (Windows)
Arcserve (Windows, Novell, Unix)
Arcsolo (Windows, DOS)
Backup Exec (Windows, Novell, DOS)
Backpack (DOS, Windows)
Borsu (DOS)
CPIO (unix util)
ClarisWorks (MAC)
Colorado Backup (Windows, Dos)
Colorado II Backup (Windows)
Christie (DOS, Windows)
Dataease (DOS, Windows)
Dbase (Dos, Windows)
Filemaker (MAC, Windows)
Foxpro (Windows)
MacWrite (MAC)
MS Access (Windows)
Novastor (Windows)
NTBackup (Windows)
Oracle Dump format
Jumbo Tape (DOS, Windows)
Iomega Tools (Windows)
Pagemaker (Windows, MAC)
Palindrome (Windows, Novell)
QualityTape (Dos)
QuarkXpress (MAC, Windows)
Retrospect Express and Desktop (MAC, Windows)
Sytos (DOS, Windows)
Sytos Plus (DOS, Windows)
TAR (Unix)
Digital VAX VMS Backup (VMS)
Word (DOS, Windows)
Wordperfect (DOS, Windows, Unix)
Windows Backup 95 98 (Windows)
Yosomite (Windows)

And many more .......

These are just a few of the formats we can handle - please call or email us with the name of the package and/or backup device you wish to convert. Do not worry If you no longer know the name of the software backup package or data format, as we can generally analyse the media and restore and convert it correctly.

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